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05 February 2009 @ 05:39 pm
My First Snake/Darcy Fic  
This fic is dedicated to my friend Erin. Our love of Snarcy is one of the many reasons we are such great friends. This is part 1. Tell me what you guys think.

Title: I'll Put A Spell On You (Part 1)
Author: shanesxnymph69 
Pairing/Character: Darcy Edwards, Archie 'Snake' Simpson, Snake/Darcy
Rating: G (for now, will change as the story moves on)
Summary: AU set to the night of Peter's party in Fight The Power. Snake is going out with the guys for Joey bachelor party while Darcy just wants to have a night out, even if its alone. What happens when they see each other at the same club?

"Joey do we have to go to a night club?" Snake whined into his cellphone as he paced his bedroom. Joey chuckled on the other line "Snake it's my bachelor party. The one night I can act young. Not to mention the one night I will be in Toronto and your wife will be out of town, Conner is at a friends house." Snake shook his head "What does Christine being at my mom's and Conner being out have to do with anything?" he asked, taking a seat on the bed. "Because Snake, we can be out all night, like we're young again and you don't have to hear anything from your wife about it." Joey reasoned.

Snake sat there contemplating what he should do. He hadn't seen Joey in months, not since he went to Calgary after the whole Darcy accusation. He needed a few days away from scrutiny. Darcy. He couldn't get her out of his mind. He couldn't help it. Maybe he needed a night out, a night to forget about his home life. A vacation from reality. Snake sighed "Fine Joey. I'll meet you and the guys there later tonight." "Yes!" Joey exclaimed on the other line before hanging up.

Snake laid back on his bed letting out a breath. He ran a hand over his face. He couldn't get Darcy off his mind. Of course it wasn't a good thing, she was an underage student of his. A student who was going through a major life crisis, or went through one. Starting her senior year he noticed something different, she was stronger less fragile like the china doll she descried herself as. Now she was leaving for Kenya and he never got to say goodbye.  She probably doesn't' even think about me at all he thought to himself.

Darcy sat at her computer checking her email. All of her friends away messages were up, Peter was not speaking to her so she could forget about his party or having a possible girl's night on her last night before leaving. She couldn't sit alone in her room all night watching TV, there's no way she wanted to. She wanted to have fun, have a crazy night out, even if she was alone.

She thought it was going to be easy to say goodbye to everyone, that was far from the truth. Darcy thought she said goodbye to everyone, but she missed one person. Mr. Simpson. She wanted so badly to say goodbye to him but felt it would be inappropriate given the history between them. He was just her teacher after all, a teacher who wanted to reach out and help a student when they needed it. Darcy would be lying if she said she didn't feel anything between them those occasions they were alone, when they passed each other in the halls, glanced at each other during classes. She shook her head of the thoughts. He probably doesn't think about me at all she thought to herself.

She got up from her computer chair and walked over to her dresser. Darcy opened up her drawer looking for something. Feeling it in her grasp, she took it out running her eyes over it. "Tonight I am Darcy Edwards, the twenty one year old" she said to herself holding the fake ID in her hands. She got it one night when she and Manny wanted to go out. That was one of the best nights of her life. Why not revisit the club they went to that night? Maybe meet a few new people to make memories before devoting six months to Christ's work?.

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shanesxnymph69: pic#85155204shanesxnymph69 on February 6th, 2009 02:46 am (UTC)
oooh it will lol

i have some plans for snarcy haha